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TrueChem :: Solutions for Laboratory

TrueChem provides chemists, technicians, and engineers with the ability to:

•  Create complex chemistry analysis and calculations.

•  Protect and secure formulas, chemistries, calculations, etc.

•  Automate complex chemical analysis procedures.

•  Fully digitize complex chemistry specifications.

•  Easily define and trigger activities based upon specific analysis, events, trends, tolerances, etc.

•  Automatically log and maintain important records.

•  Ensure that required adds, corrective actions, sign-offs, etc. are performed timely.

•  Know who performed what activity, at what time, with what actions, and with what results for full
accountability, traceability, and auditability.

•  Attach notes and comments to data points from mulitiple views (graphs and logs).

•  Access TrueChem data remotely, both wired and wirelessly.

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