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iTrueLogic is an application to assist customers in their efforts to implement “Lean Manufacturing” practices and continual process improvement activities by allowing them to view variable process data from their TrueChem Database. iTrueLogic allows customers to retrieve information remotely, providing a “real time status report” of their processes.

iTrueLogic can be loaded onto iOS (iPhones, iPads, etc.) and Android devices to communicate with TrueLogic’s TrueChem Software, which is utilized by prominent companies and institutions around the world.  TrueChem assists these organizations in their efforts to maximize product quality and minimize costs in the manufacturing of essential products across a wide range of industries and applications.

iTrueLogic eliminates the need to search for an open workstation or walk to the laboratory to review the information in TrueChem, providing a “real time status report” of their processes while they are still in the area of the operation. This proves to be a significant time saver.

Manufacturers utilizing TrueChem experience a significant decrease in part failures that could result in very expensive reworks, recalls, quarantines and/or scrap. Part failures could also result in major accidents/incidents where surface finishing of the failed part could be a root cause. Under such circumstances, one such incident at one facility could create an everlasting detrimental affect on a great number of people.