Controller Monitor

Controller Monitor Software is a process monitoring and notification system capable of collecting and broadcasting information regarding multiple parameters at user defined frequencies. The program combines a multiple parameter graphical display with visual and audible alerts, including speech notification, to broadcast current process conditions that are accessible from every computer on a company’s network.

For example, a third party controller is being utilized to manage copper, formaldehyde and caustic levels in an Electroless Copper bath. With Controller Monitor Software, electronic data from the controller is transmitted to the controller monitor at one minute intervals. The software analyzes, graphs and stores the data, and issues alerts/notifications based on conditions found in the data.

In addition to its functionality as a stand-alone process parameter monitoring/notification system, the software can be integrated with TrueChem. Process parameter status information can be pushed from controllers, logged into and compared with other information in the TrueChem database, and trigger actions resulting from pre-defined rules, or logic statements.

Controller Monitor Software increases both operational efficiency and effectiveness by instantaneously feeding information from the plant floor into a controlled laboratory setting. Status notifications can be seen, heard, and acted upon much more consistently, thus reducing down time, scrap, and rework without requiring additional manpower.

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