How can I send TrueChem email alerts as text messages?

Here is a list of cell phone company’s email-to-text addresses for SMS format.
This format is limited by most carriers to include a maximum of 140 – 160 characters.
Longer messages may be split into multiple parts.

  Alltel <10 digit number>@message.alltel.com
  AT&T <10 digit number>@txt.att.net
  Bell Canada <10 digit number>@txt.bell.ca
  Boost Mobile <10 digit number>@myboostmobile.com
  Cingular <10 digit number>@cingularme.com
  Metro PCS <10 digit number>@mymetropcs.com
  Rogers Canada <10 digit number>@pcs.rogers.com
  Sprint <10 digit number>@messaging.sprintpcs.com
  T Mobile <10 digit number>@tmomail.net
  US Cellular <10 digit number>@email.uscc.net
  Verizon <10 digit number>@vtext.com
  Virgin Mobile <10 digit number>@vmobl.com
  Republic Wireless <10 digit number>@text.republicwireless.com

The following carriers also offer this capability in an MMS format. This format
offers for larger content which may include multimedia formatted information such
as photos, video, etc.

  Alltel <10 digit number>@mms.alltelwireless.com
  AT&T <10 digit number>@mms.att.net
  Boost Mobile <10 digit number>@myboostmobile.com
  Cricket Wireless <10 digit number>@mms.cricketwireless.com
  Project Fi <10 digit number>@msg.fi.google.com
  Sprint <10 digit number>@pm.sprint.com
  T Mobile <10 digit number>@tmomail.net
  US Cellular <10 digit number>@mms.uscc.net
  Verizon <10 digit number>@vzwpix.com
  Virgin Mobile <10 digit number>@vmpix.com

Replace <10 digit number> referenced above by the area code, exchange, and number
with no spaces or other characters. For example: a Verizon phone with the cell
number of (212) 555-1212 would result in an address of 2125551212@vtext.com.

If your carrier is not listed above, the list available here may help you.

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